Sheep Pox Vaccine Live, Attenuated I.P.

Sheep Pox Vaccine Live, Attenuated I.P.


Sheep pox is amongst the most virulent of diseases in Sheep. It is highly contagious and spreads by direct contact. The virus is highly resistant. It gains entry by inhalation and direct contact with infected animal.Young animals are more susceptible than adults. The incubation period is 2-7 days in fulminating form and 10-20 days in mild benign form.

The disease is recognised by fever which lasts for 1-2 days before eruptions appear on area of skin, which are not covered by wool/hair. The affected animals do not eat, have difficulty in breathing, stand separately from healthy animals with their heads down, may have salivation, lacrimation, bronchial coughs and diarrhoea. The disease course is of 3-6 weeks.

This vaccine contains Sheep Pox attenuated virus ≥10TCID50( Romanian Strain) in freeze dried form.



All sheep and lambs above two months of age should be vaccinated atleast once a year. Lambs & Kids vaccinated at less than 6 months age should be revaccinated at 6 months of age to boost immunity. The vaccine confers immunity for more than one year.



The vaccine is reconstituted thoroughly in the chilled vaccine diluent provided with the vaccine. Inject vaccine subcutaneously in the ear flap skin or any other suitable location.



  • The vaccine is available in 50 & 100 dose vial with appropriate diluent.


The vaccine should be stored at 20-80C in refrigerator.

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